Konza Prairie Burn History

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The Konza burn history database is searchable by watershed code or by year. Watershed names and codes listed in these results are the current watershed designations (2010). Please note that several watershed designations have changed over the history of Konza. This is inevitable due to changes in research objectives but is problematic for those wanting to discover the full burn history of a given area. In some cases watersheds have simply been renamed to reflect changes in experimental burn treatments (eg. R20A was formerly 1A). In other cases watersheds have been subdivided or aggregated from smaller watersheds (eg. in 1994 3B3UA was added to 20A (currently R1A) to form a larger watershed). In a few cases watershed names have been moved to new areas (eg. 1D was moved from its original location in 1978 after the acquisition of new property. The original 1D watershed is now part of WB and 20C). Investigators should consult the proper watershed map for a given year to see watershed designations at the time of burning.

Burn Type Legend
Burn TypeDescription
PP = Prescribed PlannedPrescribed burn on a planned watershed
PU = Prescribed UnplannedPrescribed burn on a watershed not planned to burn that year.
Note: Watersheds partially burned by wildfires are usually completed with a prescribed burn to maintain uniformity of fire treatment across the entire watershed.
WP = Wildfire PlannedWildfire on a watershed planned to be burned that year.
WU = Wildfire UnplannedWildfire on a watershed not planned to burn that year.

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