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Welcome to the Konza publications database, a comprehensive list of works on or using Konza LTER data.

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Denton, E.M., J.D. Dietrich, M.D. Smith, A.K. Knapp (In Press). Drought timing differentially affects aboveand belowground productivity in a mesic grassland. Plant Ecology.

Hallett, L.M., S.K. Jones, A.A.M. MacDonald, M.B.Jones, D.F.B.Flynn, J.Ripplinger, P.Slaughter, C.Gries, and S.L. Collins (In Press). codyn: An R package of community dynamics metrics. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Klodd, A.E, J.B. Nippert, Z. Ratajczak, H. Waring, and G.K. Phoenix (In Press). Tight coupling of leaf area index to canopy nitrogen and phosphorus across heterogeneous tallgrass prairie communities. Oecologia.

Knapp, A.K., P. Ciais, and M.D. Smith (In Press). Reconciling inconsistencies in precipitation– productivity relationships: implications for climate change. New Phytologist.

Larson, D., W. K. Dodds, M. Whiles, T. Thompson, and J. Fulgoni (In Press). Patch-burn grazing and riparian fencing disturbed headwater streams: a replicated, multi-year, whole-catchment experiment. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Ratajczak, Z., P.D. D’Odorico, J.B. Nippert, S.L. Collins, N. Brunsell, and S. Ravi (In Press). Changes in spatial variance during a grassland to shrubland state transition. Journal Ecology.

Ricketts, A.M., and B.K. Sandercock (In Press). Patch-burn grazing increases habitat heterogeneity and biodiversity of small mammals in managed rangelands. Ecosphere.

Troia, M.J., J.E. Whitney, and K.B. Gido (In Press). Broadcast spawning over cobble by longfin dace (Agosia chrysogaster) in artificial stream channels. The Southwestern Naturalist.

Veach, A.M., J.C. Stagen, S.P. Brown, W.K. Dodds, and A. Jumpponen (In Press). Spatiotemporal and successional dynamics of stream biofilm microbial communities in a grassland stream ecosystem. Molecular Ecology.

Verheijen, B.H.F., D.A. Rintoul, and B.K. Sandercock (In Press). Habitat guild drives variation in apparent survival of landbirds in the Great Plains. Wilson Journal of Ornithology.


Dendy, S. P., B. Tong, H.A. Alexander, P.A. Fay, L. Murray, Y. Xing, and K.A. Garrett. 2017. A long-term study of burning effects on a plant pathogen in tallgrass prairie. Plant Pathol. Accepted Author Manuscript. Plant Pathology : -.

O’Keefe, K. and J.B. Nippert. 2017. Grazing by bison is a stronger driver of plant ecohydrology in tallgrass prairie than fire history. Plant and Soil 411: 423-436.

O'Keefe, K., and J.B. Nippert. 2017. An assessment of diurnal water uptake in a mesic prairie: evidence for hydraulic lift?. Oecologia : -.

Ratajczak, Z, P. D'Odorico, S.L. Collins, B.T. Bestelmeyer, F.L. Isbell, and J.B. Nippert. 2017. The interactive effects of press/pulse intensity and duration on regime shifts at multiple scales. Ecological Monographs : -.

Raynor, E.J., A. Joern, A. Skibbe, M. Sowers, J.M. Briggs, A.N. Laws, and D. Goodin. 2017. Temporal variability in large grazer space use in an experimental landscape. Ecosphere 8: -.

Raynor, E.J., H.L. Beyer, J. M. Briggs, and A. Joern. 2017. Complex variation in habitat selection strategies among individuals driven by extrinsic factors. Ecology and Evolution : -.

Scott, D.A., S.G. Baer, and J.M. Blair. 2017. Recovery and relative influence of root, microbial, and structural properties of soil on physically sequestered carbon stocks in restored grassland. Soil Science Society of America Journal : -.

Wagle, P, X. Xiao, P. Gowda, J. Basara, N. Brunsell, J. Steiner, and K.C. Anup. 2017. Analysis and estimation of tallgrass prairie evapotranspiration in the central United States. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology : -.

Winder, V.L., L.B. McNew, J.C. Pitman, and B.K. Sandercock. 2017. Space Use of Female Greater Prairie-Chickens in Response to Fire and Grazing Interactions. Rangeland Ecology & Management 70: 165-174.