Konza Prairie LTER Metadata Page

Konza Praire LTER currently offers data in a variety of ways. Each dataset can be queried, and downloaded, from our SQL database via the data tab on the top menu. While exploring the datasets you will see an option to "view the text files", which when clicked will take you to an open directory of our data stored in .TXT, .CSV, or .XLS, by year, and downloadable. Finally, most of our data is available from the LTER Network Data Portal allowing search against the complete holdings of the LTER Network Information System.

The associated metadata describing how to use our data is also available in a variety of locations. While exploring data via the SQL database interface you will see much of it displayed for your datset of interest. If you would like additional metadata, or are using the text file versions, the Konza Data Catalog and Methods Manual, linked below, will provide significantly more background. Additionally, the .EML is available for all data accessed from the LTER Network Data Portal.

Konza Prarie LTER also offers a large collection of geospatial data. Again, these data are available via our website under the link Data. --> Spatial Data. While there you will have access to the Konza Spatial Data Portal which will provide an interactive look at our geospatial data holdings.

Available Documents
Konza Research Map 2011 2015 Data Catalog 2012 Methods Manual