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Welcome to the Konza Prairie Data Base (KNZDB). Many of our data sets are accessible online including all core data sets of the Konza Prairie LTER program. Before you begin to use our data we encourage you to view the metadata resources made available on our Metadata page. You may also click to view our complete Data Catalog or Data Methods Manual. Before using any of our data please review the Data Access Policy. New data sets, as well as older legacy data sets, are continually being added to this database. All data are provided with accompanying documentation compliant with existing LTER metadata content standards. Our data search function allows users to find datasets through a number of identifiers, including by person, project, integrated project area, and LTER core area. We list data sets collected through Konza's core monitoring efforts as well as climate data for our study area. GIS and remote sensing files from both Konza and other endeavors are available for the Konza study area under Data\Spatial Datasets. Links to LTER Network-wide data resources are available under Data\Other Datasets on our main menu.

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